If you couldn't tell by the heading above my name is Caleb Riggs. I studied Computer Science and Information Technology with a concentration in Cyber Security & Information Assurance at Florida Polytechnic University. Yes it's a mouthfull of a major with a lot of buzzwords but it's more than just that for me, for the past several years this major has been my passion. Whether in class, work, or life in general Computer Science is a part of me.


Here are some of the skills I've picked up over the years:

Work Experience



This is a python library designed to make interacting with the nessus API easy and conveinent. The library consists of a single python class that has three main sections. The first section is custom functions that are designed for making simple operations easier to completed. Operations like downloaded a file can be done in one step instead of several. The next section is full API integration. Functions that simply interact with the Nessus API and return logical results. The final section is functions designed to do the interaction work such as get and post.


The purpose of this program is to detect fraud on twitter. It does this by targeting a specific companies handle (for example @sprint). It then will read any twitter user that complains to @sprint and begins monitoring for people responding to that tweet that are offering help. If they are not an official supported account then they are marked as fraudulent. It does this by running a NodeJS backend and using Twitter's API. Relevant information is stored in a noSQL mongo database.


Image metadata is an important piece of information in the investigation process. It can tell you information about where and when the picture was taken to what device the picture was taken on. This project helps pull relevant metadata out of a folder of images. Once the metadata was retrieved it was displayed in a user friendly fashion. To help insights be drawn we even also implemented the google maps API in the javafx front end.